…taking it easy

Hello, hello, hello. It’s Sunday evening and I thought now was as good a time as any to update since it means you can all read this on Monday morning and I can get on with usual Monday morning stuff. Currently Big Brother’s Big Waste Of My Time is the most interesting thing on telly while I wait for Alien III to start – you know you’re flogging a dead horse when someone who wrote their dissertation on Big Brother I (“Is Naturalism a euphemism for Voyeurism in contemporary performance?”) can’t be bothered to watch it. I did want Eugene to win though – curse you Anthony with your silly goatee. Honestly.

So, aside from that, and in comparison to last week, this week has been really quite sedate: I even stayed in on Friday night!!! Up till then, I took my packed lunch to work every day (packed lunches really get me down. It’s silly, I know, but it’s true), and I spent no money all week from Monday to Friday, with the exception of Thursday night. I had originally planned to stay in but my sister convinced me to come to a party, and despite the original plan to go home at closing being abandoned in favour of late-night opening, I still only spent £20 which I think is pretty good. Well done me!

Friday night, after working through my hangover (when I say working, I mean looking at my screen and doing not much else) I thought an early night was in order and was in bed at 9.30pm, watching American Beauty on DVD with a glass of milk and a bag of doritos. I was asleep by 9.45. When I came around the end-credits were just starting, and being in a post-snooze daze, I just lay there listening to the music (Because covered by Elliot Smith) until it turned itself off. I don’t know if anyone else gets moments like this – perhaps because your brain is empty from sleeping or maybe you just feel better for the rest – where you wake up and something really lovely is on (I’m sure it’s a terrible cover – all you Beatles purists out there can breathe again.) and you just lie there with your eyes shut feeling like life is great and could quite happily stay like that forever. Time always seems to go much slower in moments like that too, as though the whole world has stopped to let you have your moment. I love it.

Saturday morning and I was up before 10am – this really is most unlike me of late (am I having some kind of mid-life crisis; a revisiting of my student ways, slowly going off the rails till I wind up burning myself out totally? Meh, who knows?). After shopping at Sainsbury’s and doing the crossword/Su Doku in the Times, I packed up my shit and headed off to Winchester!! Yes indeed, sunny old Winchester – spiritual home of my student self and actual home of several good friends of mine. Since leaving uni (and indeed moving back to Bath) I thank God that I went to uni as I have so many lovely friends all over the country that I get to spend time with them all and see parts of the country I would otherwise have no cause to visit. Plus, it keeps me busy which is always nice. Aaaanyway, I had a great night in The Gaolhouse and O’Neills (as you can probably tell from the photos) and this morning woke up feeling not to great before coming back to Bath and spending the day sorting out my bank statements and other low-energy jobs. I need to plan more exciting things to occupy my Sundays…

Before I go, did anyone else watch Lost on Wednesday night? I am (a) hooked and (b) intrigued. Like Pippa said, it’s like the perfect patch for the gaping hole Desperate Housewives has left in my life. There’s so much good stuff on 4 these days – Six Feet Under starts on E4 this week so I just don’t know what I’m going to do about Britney’s Redneck Roots on C4. Perhaps staying in is the new going out after all.

4 responses to “…taking it easy

  1. yes i did see Lost and loved it. Although I am going on a plane soon so should not watch it really. You know I hate flying!! Were there two episodes or three shown because on Second chance Sunday on E4 there were three episodes shown? I am confused!! What is the fuss about Desperate Housewives what a load of rubbish!! Loving the OC though which is also on 4. xxxxx Emma

  2. Blaspheme in my house of worship, why don’t you!! From this moment forth anyone who slates DH is cast out from the House of Sven: you have been warned.
    There were two episodes of Lost on 4 then another one straight after on E4 so three in total. I have stopped watching it straight after on E4 as it just ends up keeping me up way past my bedtime. Plus I miss The Apprentice then, and the excellent Death on the Staircase. Justice US style – it’s a sight to behold.

  3. I LOVE ITTTT!!! (LOST THAT IS) I like the conspiracy theories about it already, my fave is the theory that they are all dead and are in purgatory( Is that spelt right?!) time shall tell!! I miss Winchester too, maybe it was just a carefree lifestyle or is it that fab a place really?!! Scraggle xx

  4. Wooo, interesting!!! There’s meant to be some kind of spooky theme to it overall (I read somewhere) which I think sounds pretty cool but will probably see it cancelled ultimately, a la American Gothic and even the excellent Six Feet Under. Always the way, don’t you think? I do have a few concerns but I think I shall list them another time.

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