…Cider Friday

1. Take a number of good friends. In this case, I’m taking three (Mike, Simon and Al), but you should choose as many as you are comfortable with:


2. The rules are (a) you can only drink cider, and (b) you must drink a different cider for every bar you go into. Whilst there you can have as many of the same drink as you like, but once you move on you must kiss it goodbye for the rest of the night. Here are the results of my Cider Friday (yours may differ from those shown).

Bar One: O’Neills.    Cider of choice: Magners


I did suggest we do a short review of every cider we tried but that idea went to pot after a few, though we did concur that Magners is a great cider; particularly sweet and sticky, but very nice indeed. With or without ice, it is thoroughly refreshing. As the official cider of the Irish holiday last year, it retains it’s position as ‘honorary cider of choice’ chiefly thanks to this sentimental attachment. We had three of these each (Simon was not drinking and for the purposes of tonight, acted as the ‘control’).

Quote of the pub: “Excuse me, I’ve been told to tell you that you look like Dick from ‘Dick and Dom in da bungalow’ (Random woman in the bar)


Idiots of the pub: Drunken Irish rugby fans in FCUK and clearly out on the sauce since opening time. I love the Irish (obviously) but there are exceptions to everything.

Bar Two: The River. Cider of choice: Weston’s Organic Cider


Yay! This is the best cider on the market, and thanks to Si for the artistic direction in getting the photo right! Ahh, no aftertaste, no bitter, teeth-gritting yukkiness; just yummy yummy apple-iness. We were joined by the girls and George (who reminds me of someone but I can’t place it (all suggestions welcome).


Quote of the pub: “Oh yes, that really is supping from the appley teet!” (Mike)

Idiot of the bar: Several office dicks who got thrown out and then argued with the the bouncers so much that the front door was open for an AGE and let the Baltic night (possibly Siberian in origin) freeze us all to death. Bastards.

Bar Three: The Ram. Cider of choice: Blackthorn

Oh, the desperation! Blackthorn is not a great cider, but it was late and having had just two other ciders we had no choice. We later abandoned the ‘cider only’ rule and extended it to cover all apple-based drinks, and just kept going till the end of the night. Oh, happy days.

Quote of the pub: “I hope you didn’t just get all down my chest in that photo” (Barmaid) “Oh, I’m gay as they come love, it wouldn’t matter if I did” (Me) She wasn’t so chuffed. Mike pissed himself.

Idiot of the pub: This girl (with the bright red hair) who fell off her barstool from a reasonable height. After getting checked for spinal damage she got up and ran out off the place with egg on her face. Oh, we’ve all been there,so I don’t feel at all bad about laughing at her quite hard.

The Results: I looked like this the next morning. Not good. Especially when you have to move your boyfriend out of his house the next day.

EXTRA: Fans of the iPod tale, be sure to check out the “Lucky Dip” link of the week this week. I love it!

Next week: Blog 50! Woo hoo! Fifty blogs ago I wrote this, and this week I am moving out of home! I couldn’t have made it up! All the fun and folics will be reported in full detail! I appear to be fighting off yet another cold, so stay tuned: it should be fun!!!

2 responses to “…Cider Friday

  1. Wow, I’m about to admit what a goober I am, and what a small-ish town I live in, despite it’s being one of the more popular in our state:

    For all I know, there is but one cider in our town, called “Woodchuck.” There is ONE english pub here, owned by a real live English guy, called The Blind Pig Co. I have no idea if Woodchuck is served there, although a trillion other ales are. It’s my favorite place in town.

    My Cider night, then, would last about…15 minutes.

    My current favorite beer at The Blind Pig Co. is Konig Ludwig, and when I start pronouncing it “konig glug glug” I know it’s time to find a cab.

  2. I tried a snakebite aka purple the other week in Walkabout just to reminise on old uni times, but I dont think my stomach could take it and i started offering it around!! I cant believe we used to live on the stuff. Ha Ha!!

    See u on March 18th.
    PS as u can tell my internet is working, but my body isnt as I was in a car crash on Saturday and my neck is killing!!

    Take Care love Emma Brown xx

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