I’m getting too old for this

Can you believe it? The quiz was cancelled!! There we were, up-to-date with everything from astronomy to zoology and the quizmaster rings in sick! No contingency plan, just a bout of something unspecific and we were high and dry. Well, I say dry, but rather than waste an evening we thought we should make the most of it and get a few drinks down. Allow me to state for the record that mid-week revelling is not the domain of the post-twenty-five year old. I felt twice my age the following morning, since a 3am bed time is just not conducive to a productive day in the office on a Wednesday.

Nathan and I thought that a Tuesday night on the tiles was worth it, and headed to Vibes in search of fun and adventure. Being taken and gregarious, I was the warm-up; Nathan, being single, was the chat-up. An excellent plan (I’m rarely backward about chatting to strangers, especially after a few drinks), but it did mean I was on my own for a large portion of the night, which meant I was necking the drinks like there was no tomorrow and talking strangers into dancing on the stage. I was in my element (let’s face it – I love being the centre of attention) and successfully got Nathan a snog at the end of the evening.

All good things must come to an end: there was no tomorrow for me. Wednesday was an absolute write-off, and I think I was actually counter-productive at my desk: my hangover set me back about a week-and-a-half. I ate like it was going out of fashion – I had my lunch at 9.30 and a bacon roll straight after. I ate my own body weight in chips for lunch and then wondered why, that evening, I had the appetite of a small rodent when Simon and Laura graciously unveiled a full roast dinner they had cooked for me. (This has actually just dawned on me as I write – I owe you both an apology). I suppose this is the price you pay for about eight pints and five vodka-and-lemonades (I mean, when have I ever done spirits and mixers?).

James returned on Thursday evening, by which time I had sufficiently recovered to be able to welcome him back without passing out. I think a week alone was quite long enough: if this week has proved anything to me, it’s that I’m definitely a people person. Having your own space is great and I couldn’t live without it, but you can definitely have too much of a good thing. Sharing the duvet is a fair price to pay for having someone around to look after, who looks after you, too. I can’t say I was overjoyed when he rocked up with a killer tan and I was still looking pale and freckly, but it will fade and he’ll be as pasty as the rest of us in a month or so.

No sooner was he back than we were at it again, out for Gay Night on Friday. I posted the only two pictures to come out that night over here, but suffice to say it was more of the same and I was talking to more strangers throughout the night. Further developments from this night will be reported as they occur (all parties consenting). By Saturday I was feeling pretty knackered, but this is Svenderland: there’s always another party!

Seventies retro is the new twenty-something! Mel and Phil hosted a traditional cheese and wine evening, complete with a range of cheeses to rival your local deli, and more red wine than you can shake a stick at. The only problem with a cheese and wine party is that, after an hour or so, the centrepiece begins to stink to high heaven. There’s also the side-effect of having too much dairy, where everyone chips the porcelain the following morning, but thankfully that’s something we can all endure in private. The less than elegant fall-out of the party dispensed with, it was lovely to sit around and chat, drink, eat cheese (one of my all time favourite loves) and catch up – certainly different to the rest of the week!

Next week: Sorry this post is late and lame (I did this and I did that and then I made a sandwich) but sometimes you just get weeks like that. I think I’m coming down with a cold, which will make for interesting reading for you all. There’s also the ‘developments’ of which I spoke earlier: it’s a little match-making enterprise at which I appear to have a free reign. Meddling and manipulation – it’s like my dream project!!!

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